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Hello and welcome to my new Blog HunterGathererForager where I will be sharing our families journey to the “simple” life. We have been living country life where we rent 2 acres for a year now and have learnt many things on our journey (and have still so much to learn). We have been blessed meeting lots of wonderful people who have shared skills, food and even given us our very own Jersey cow, bred heritage chickens, learnt to grow from seed and are now learning to make cheese, preserves and share great food and conversation.

Before I go any further I should probably introduce myself and my family. I am Anne a 28 year old mumma to a beautiful 2.5 yr old little girl Nyah and a bouncing 5 month old boy Banjo I am also a Loctician/Preserver/crafter/baker/propagator as well as many other things. I share my Journey with my wonderful husband Dane who has studied Permaculture and is a great dad,dab hand at chook rangling and milking (cow) and supporting my many endeavors.

We are in a very lucky spot 2.5 hours drive from Sydney with cool weather and Lake views and we really are lucky to have the chance to live such a idyllic lifestyle and “try before we buy”.

Our current dream is to eventually be selling some of our produce to help us reach the goal of owning our own property. There are many dreams within the dream – a microdairy, permaculture paradise, Farm gate cafe to name a few but to start small we are working at trying to bring some of the splendors of our garden to the public.

I hope you enjoy reading our blog and can get some joy , laughs or lessons.


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