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We had a lovely weekend here at the swap meet and sold many of our preserves and spaghetti squash. It was lovely to chat to people with similar passions and I really hope they enjoyed our produce.

This week we decided to harvest the pumpkins. I know we could have got a lot more out of the vines had we left them but we have a lot of seedlings that need to go into the ground and only limited chicken proof growing space. I have been getting increasing frustrated with the young chicks getting into my seedling growing patch so it’s time to get them in.

D made the beautiful arrangement and took this photo.


We have been having a up and down battle with Kisses recently and went a week without milk even having to buy some! It started with her being on heat but then she just refused to let down , the milk was there but she was saving it for her calf. We really don’t want to build a stanchion as we don’t know how long we will be here and we like having a good relationship so we don’t need it. As separating during the day wasn’t working we now separate over night and milk in the morning HOORAY we are now back in business and I can make mozzarella today!


I had some new books arrive in the post so I thought I would throw in a wee book review to make up for my lack of recipes.

The first is Dick and James Strawbridge Cheese and dairy made at home cheese

I really enjoyed this father and son duos self sufficiency book and tv series not easy being green so I thought I’d give this one a try. It has some basic recipes that look easy to follow but focuses more on bought milk than owning your own cow. I was a little disappointed on the amount of cheese recipes as there are a lot of recipes for cooking dishes that use cheese but not so many on making the actual cheese but still I think I will use it. I am very excited about making the clotted cream to have with scones next time we have guests. This is a really simple recipe and I will share it when I next make it. All in all I thought it was a nice book and I do really like the small easy to read in bed size.

The other book I ordered was the farmers kitchen handbook by Marie W Lawrence


I am so excited by this book , I didn’t really know what to expect ordering it but it’s wonderful full of stories and great recipes for all the year. Like the cheese and dairy book it’s a small “read in bed size”So I look forward to thoroughly going through it all. Being a American book it has loads of great sweet recipes and I tried out the Boston Cream pie and WOW was it amazing so I will be making this again so I can share it with you. I will of course lower the sugar like I do with most recipes as the one in the book I thought was much to sweet especially for little ones.  The recipes in this book is set out to go with the American Seasons and there is one for traditional Easter bread with a dyed egg that I am eager to try this Easter.

Well that’s all for now Today I will be back soon with a Post for Lime Cordial and Mozzarella which I will make in the next two days.

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