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Recently we have been reflecting about our time “off grid” while we ponder different ways we can get into the housing market. We would like if possible to do it with minimum debt so we have been thinking about the options of buying land and having a shipping container cabin while we build a earth ship.

I’ve been trying to think back on our time without the rose coloured glasses and thinking could we really do it again. A good place to start is my old blog and you can read about some of our first steps in our journey to homesteading here.

One of the main reasons we left that place was that the solar power (which had been installed by a cowboy with no qualifications in a very dangerous way) started smoking. So for a time we were truly totally pioneering which wasn’t so bad. Yes it was tough especially with a toddler but doable and we were never bored. The hardest thing was actually not having the internet as we heavily use it for research and study as well as a way to keep in contact with people. The main reason we left was the family member that owned it told us he was planning on selling it and without knowing when that was going to happen we felt staying and putting in the vasts amounts of work required (like insulation) could be wasted if we then had to move out right after if it was sold.

I am glad we had that time there though as it gave us a insight of what we would need to do should we go down that path in the future.

To find our current and lovely rental without the help of internet which we had to drive 20 mins into town to use or find a “sweet spot” with mobile coverage we put a AD up at the local shops. When our current landlord text us we didn’t get our hopes up but we were pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful little cottage with a few acres and lake views. I must admit I really appreciated life’s luxuries like running the hot water and using a washing machine so was I to go “off grid” again these additions to make like easier would need to come to pass.

Who knows where we will end up when we are ready to buy but I know we are lucky to be able to rent a little slice of paradise for practice.

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