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In the Garden

In the garden my stresses melt away. When the kids or I are feeling grumpy and start snapping at each other some time out in our oasis feeling the soil is always soothing. There is so much happening in our garden at the moment and I hope I don’t fall behind and miss out on this amazing weather we have been having. I’ve been watching the weather predictions and I fear another long drought may be on the way with El nino so I am even more conscious of preserving this seasons harvest in case next year we have more difficult times.


I am doing a trial Ferment with the purple sprouting broccoli these will be used in salads as the weather gets warmer. I think I will also try and do some jars of Broccoli pickle as I’ve already frozen a bunch and I’m not sure we would really use it dehydrated.

I’ve decided for the rest of this post I’ll take you for a walk through our front garden. I’ve had a lot of friends say they are interested in gardening but aren’t sure where to start or always manage to kill everything. I’m by no means a expert in gardening but I have come a long way in the last 3 and a 1/2 years. I too used to kill things but a big factor in successful gardening it learning from mistakes and of course growing and nourishing!

Our first successful gardening attempt was with seedlings bought at the local market. This was a good starting point because really we just had to stick them in the ground in a sunny spot and water them everyday. We now grow everything from seed unless we want something established like a fruit or berry plant.


^ These are my Nasturtium plants. These were planted by seed which I raised in mini greenhouses last summer they self seed and Miss N has been taking great care of them. They are by our front door and look lovely when full and flowered.


On the other side of the path next to the Nasturtium I have a huge crop of apple mint (and some nettles) I’m planning on making some cordial with this Apple mint (Actually I’ve been planning this for 2 years!) In the next few weeks I will make a batch. We brought these roots with us from our old house in the Mountains and when we buy I will do the same and spread the seed!. Next to them I have some daisy and marigolds which I have just transplanted.


^ As we don’t have recycling collection in our town we recycle our milk bottles  as mini green houses or clotches when I first transplant into the bigger beds or pots I pop one of these on for a few weeks to help the seedling survive the elements.


Beans and Peas coming up we have some old fencing posts a friend gave us to help them climb.


^This is my ” Transition house” a old bird cage partially covered in builders plastic but still so the plants get partially exposed to the outdoor temperature.


Our Greenhouses the old covers got lost and damaged when we moved a few years ago. I have recently re-covered them in plastic and they are working wonderfully for raising our babies.


Lilac flowers I am about to make a cordial out of these flowers and I can’t wait to taste it!


^Radishes, Baby spinach, Borage and Daisy


^Beetroot and silverbeet seedlings, Lemon Balm and Beetroots

IMG_4697 IMG_4696

^Chammomile and Marigolds^

IMG_4690 IMG_4689

^ Parsley, Chives and chard – Lettuce and rocket^

IMG_4693 IMG_4687

^carrots and the beginning of my accidental chamomile lawn!^

IMG_4692 IMG_4691

^Old storage boxes make great mini greenhouses for baby beet^

IMG_4695 IMG_4688

The “Berry orchard” Blueberries, Logan, Black and red currants and a peach tree.

Well I hoped you enjoyed looking at our garden there’s plenty more happening out there I haven’t mentioned. Now I’m off to re-pot some seedlings 🙂

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