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Canning Pineapple Cordial and Chicken stock

With all my Market stock prepped and not much to do for a few weeks until it’s fruit picking time I’ve found myself with some free time to get back into some homestead canning. Our deep freeze was bulging with “to dos” so I set to work making Apple cider vinegar, Chicken Stock and Pineapple Cordial.

I loath throwing things away and waste. Years of working in the hospitality industry made me feel disgusted at the amount of food thrown away and wasted, often full meals only picked at before they are thrown away. All of the things I made yesterday were made from “Rubbish” or “Scraps” that I had scrounged away and frozen until I had enough to make something new and nutritious.

The Pineapple cordial I saved the skins and the core I feel good about this as so much seems wasted once you cut to get to the flesh.


The chicken stock was the carcasses of 4 chickens after each meal we freeze the bones we also save our carrot, onion, celery and other suitable vegetable scraps.


The Apple Cider vinegar is started from all the apples my toddler starts eating and never finishes plus the cores from apples Dane and I eat.

You’ll be amazed what you can make out of “waste” materials I’ve even made pies from the left overs of making stonefruit cordials but that’s a post for another day.

pineapple cordial.jpg

Pineapple Cordial 


Skins and core from two pineapples

1litre of water (This can be more or less depending on the size of your pan)


2 tsp Tartaric acid


Add pineapple and water to the pan and bring to boil

Turn off and strain liquid

for each cup of liquid add one cup on sugar

Stir to dissolve and bring back to boil

Once boiling for 10 minutes add tartaric acid

Boil for a further 2 minutes then pop into sterilized bottles

Water bath Canned these will keep for a year on a dark shelf or opened and in the fridge drink within a month.

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