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Festivities and Fun

It’s boxing day and we are enjoying a relaxing day appreciating the beautiful place we live in. I have marigold jelly simmering on the stove top, Nyah and Dane have gone for a walk in the paddocks and Banjo is engrossed in his new puzzle. Bliss!

Yesterday evening after a day of family and too much food the kids were so exhausted from all the fun they were out cold by 6pm. I decided to take the christmas tree down for a fresh start this morning. After the decorations were packed away I took it outside to stick it in the compost stopping on the way to give Kisses a pat and let her investigate the pine needles. Well she must not have taken kindly to me removing the tree from her mouth because on my return to give her another rub she gave me a HUGE head butt that lifted me into the air and left me sore and tender! Fortunately she hit the space with the most padding but it was a painful lesson nonetheless and I will be watching her even more closely around the kids. She is the most gentle cow but she is still a large heavy animal!

For Christmas Eve Dessert we enjoyed a delicious Raspberry Cheesecake with our berries (Let me know if you would like the recipe ) . I do wish we were already milking so it was our own cheese but I can always make another can’t I!


The rest of our eve meal was made up of produce from our garden and Lamb gifted to us by our neighbor it was such a wonderful feeling knowing the majority of our food was so fresh and had so much love put into it.



We harvested the first Zucchini of the season and made a Zucchini , Feta, Chickpea and chard salad a fennel, orange, water melon radish and nastursium salad. We roasted some of the baby beets and they looked so amazing when cut open that I had to take a photo!


For our feasts today we are spoiling ourselves with delicious cheese and smoked salmon on homemade sour dough toasts. I have been making sourdough twice a week and I’m loving the complexity of flavour my starter is getting. As I am baking regularly now I have not been putting it in the fridge like I used to and it’s very lively. I’m a lazy baker when it comes to breads I struggle to knead properly and I’ve now got a great system of no knead bread going this means we get regular loaves with minimal effort. Miss Nyah still complains of the hard crust but we just tell her to leave it for the chooks.



No Knead Sour dough Bread


4C flour

2C Sourdough starter

1TBS Sugar

1Tsp salt

2C water


Plonk everything into a bowl mix and cover to rise/come together for 8-12 hours

stick it into a greased pan (Here you can do a second 2 hour rise or stick it in the oven)

In a preheated oven cook on 230C for 20 mins reduce to 170C for 30mins

Eat and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


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