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Its a quiet drizzly day so we are catching up on house work and enjoying Danes birthday. Miss N and I made a snickers cake which has become a tradition now in its 4th year. Last year was definitely the best cake with 5 layers of cake nougat filling, salted caramel and chocolate ganache and shaped like a giant snickers. Every year I use a different recipe and the cake this year couldn’t compete with last years. We are low on eggs due to moulting so three were used instead of 6 and I used peanut butter filling instead of nougat so I think I will stick with last years recipe from now on.


We have started our homeschool preschool program and so far it’s going well. The next two years will be a trial for us all to see if we can manage homeschooling and homesteading. At the moment we have been focusing on crafts and we always have many discussions and do lots of natural learning. Aldi had some great books last time we were there and every day Miss N asks to do some ‘school work’. We don’t push her and I love that she gets so much enjoyment from learning.


Now I’m giving more attention to craft and preschool activities I’m finding less time to blog and write but you can also keep up to date with us via instagram HunterGathererforager or the Facebook page

The Saurkraut I talked about making in my last post is coming along nicely however the family are less than impressed with the smell!! Fortunately I’m making a batch big enough for for our years supply and I will have time before our cabbage grow to think of a new fermenting system if we are to make it for the markets.


We are harvesting lots of delicious produce at the moment and I have squash coming out of my ears. I make have been a bit over enthusiastic when planting all my squash seeds and while I love seeing all the different varieties the variation in taste isn’t too great. Then again I do enjoy the challange of finding new things to do with a squash and my recipe repertoire is certainly increasing.

Now our housework is complete and the rain has eased we will head out into the garden to harvest some rhubarb for freezing then come back in to enjoy a birthday feast and snuggle up together as a family away from the cool weather.

Until next post keep Hunting gathering and foraging!

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