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Nearly Mid February already!

It’s funny how much revolves around the weather. When I was younger talking about the weather was a sign the conversation was on a downward spiral and now I everything I do is dictated by it.

It’s warm and sunny this week and I am thankful. Although it means more work watering the plants it means our summer veg are still in with a chance.
The eggplants are tall but I’d given up hope of them fruiting until yesterday afternoon when I spotted one beautiful purple flower and several buds. This gives me hope and even if I only get one eggplant I will consider it a small victory.


The flowers are looking lovely at the moment and are attracting lots of bees. Next year I would love to have our own hive to supply us with honey. We are lucky to have made friends with a local bee keeper and will be nagging them for tips and tricks when we do. For now I have purchased 3kg of raw honey which will hopefully keep us going the next few months.

Foraging and preserving

There are still lots of elderberries on the trees but we think we have enough syrup for our personal use and to sell so we will leave these for other foragers wanting to make there own. Now it is BlackBerry season and we are greedily collecting lots of delicious juicy berries. I love blackberries but the commercial thornless variety just don’t have the same flavor as the wild ones and I like to think the more I collect the less there are for birds to eat and spread.
I have wonderful memories of my mother collecting lots of blackberries from the back of our old house in katoomba and making delicious pies and strudels. I know if she were to visit now we would benefit from her expert picking skills. We had a glimpse of this when she came during raspberry season. Dane was extremely impressed when she got right into the middle of the Bush without a care in the world for the thorns!


I’ve already made a batch of Plum and BlackBerry jam which is a delightful combination.



Yesterday Dane dug up some potatoes from the garden so tonight I am making gnocchi with nasturtium and rocket pesto for dinner and BlackBerry pie with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Nasturtium and Rocket Pesto

Waiting Waiting
While on the topic of ice cream  Kisses Moo is due to calf any day now. Her udder is full and and her belly is low. We are hoping for a steer to fill the freezer but if it is a heifer we will train her as a house cow and either keep her or sell her depending on colouring. I am definitely looking forward to having our own rich milk and cream again. This year I want to try making some soft cheeses and cheddars as well as stocking up our freezer with extra ice cream!!


Until next time keep on gathering!

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    1. Hi Wildandfreemumma πŸ™‚ I’m hoping to do some hard this season too. I experimented and accidentally made a parmesan type instead of a chedder πŸ˜„ It was a great accident though because we are still using it and it’s improved with age! I

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