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Settling in!

It’s been a while now since we made our huge move from rural NSW to Southern Tasmania and I think we have almost recovered! Spring has passed with lots of rainy weather the blossoms that were full of promise were mostly blown off in the wind and rain but we have got a lot of lovely apples maturing on the trees.

I hear from friends and family back in our old town that it hasn’t stopped raining since we left so I’m really glad we chose to move when we did. I’ve wasted no time in getting the spring seedlings started and they are really taking off.
We truly love the area we have moved to there’s so much to inspire us being close to the mountains and the sea and for the first time in my life I feel like we’ve found ‘our place’

Mr Hunter Gatherer is happy working on farms so we have decided not to do markets again and will just be focussing on growing and preserving for ourselves and saving as much money as we can so we can buy our own land. I must admit I am really enjoying living in town as much as I miss the animals in some ways living a sustainable frugal simple life is well simpler than living the simple life on a farming property. Its certainly must easier!

The little Hunter Gatherers are really happy to be nearer to social groups and we socialize much more regularly than we ever did before and were all much happier for it.

The crochet addiction hasn’t faded and I’ve been crocheting everything I can. I want to see what I like doing and use up recycled materials I have although I can’t walk past a yarn shop without buying something.

The blanket a friend gave me that I mentioned in a previous post has become shopping bags, children’s boho vests, dishclothes and scrubbing cloths there’s even some left over which I may make a adult vest from.

I’m really enjoying discovering more about fibres and the process of wool making and spinning. I’m not yet sure what I will do with all my creations some I’ve sold to friends but mostly they are going in a box until I decide what to do with them!
I’m finding less and less time and inspiration to blog recently. I do hope this will change and writing is such a wonderful outlet and a great way to track our journey but I’m finding instagram much easier to manage day to day so for anyone wanting regular updates you can follow us @huntergathererforager . Now I’m off to crochet a crocodile and think about our brunch baking!

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