Book review – Warm bagels and Apple strudel Ruth Joseph

It’s not often I buy books these days preferring to use the library in order to reduce clutter and remain frugal. My most recent visitor our local library I borrowed this gem of a book which I loved so much I had to buy my own copy. It’s rare I come across a cook book where I want to make every single recipe but these wholesome Jewish recipes are the sort of foods I love to cook for my family and the ingredients used were easy staples already found on my cupboard and shelves. Each recipe has a little story about it’s relations to Jewish heritage and what it means to their culture. For the record I’m not Jewish or religious but my Oma was from the Netherlands and a lot of these recipes remind me of Dutch and German cooking. The recipes are simple and easy to follow which adds to the charm of the book. I highly recommend adding it to your collection.

Today we baked Hamantaschen a tested dough with jam tucked in the middle. The result is a bit like a cross between doughnuts and jam drops. A interesting but delicious pastry which made good use of our homemade jam. 

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