Putting things in motion

We have been doing lots of thinking, Planning and walking around the property these last few days and are feeling newly inspired and ready for Spring.

I recently approached our landlord about the possibility of Vendor Finance in the future and security to know we could put things in place to develop a homestead business and he has given his blessing to go forward and discuss vendor finance options in a few years so we are feeling incredibly positive and excited for the future.

My first step was to fill out the application for our egg stamp so we can legally sell our free range eggs for eating. I will also be getting back into selling preserves and looking into hiring a kitchen to prepare these in so we can sell them legally.

The next step will be focusing on garden veg production and bees. We would like to increase our hives to 5 in total. I feel this is a good amount for our own honey as well as a small surplus to sell.

My other plans are creating some beauty products with our excess beeswax. Nothing too fancy as now days my focus shifts to the practical – What do we use, need and excess can potentially be sold so this means Lipbalm and a gardeners hand cream.

This leads me to goats which are still high on my list. We are continuing to work on clearing the masses of fox gloves from the future goat areas and then we will work on fencing. After this we will go goat shopping. Gone are the days where I throw caution to the wind and get the animal before we are read. It seems I have finally learnt from our mistakes.

Another addition to our family this year will hopefully be a Maremma puppy. This will scare predators away from the chickens and I’m hoping keep possums and wallaby s away from the garden and flowers.

There are many more ideas we have which I am keeping close to my heart at this stage but we are feeling renewed and energised ready to create what we have been working towards for 7 years now.


Until next time


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