The end of Winter

Spring is now mere weeks away and we find every sunny day invigorating. If the bees are out so are we!

Things have been extra busy since we brought the new puppy home a few days ago. Ida is a Spaniel x Viszla apparently but as we got her third hand we aren’t sure of her true history.

She’s such a gorgeous puppy but it’s like having another child except I think small children are easier to handle ๐Ÿ˜‚
She’s fitting in really nicely though and I think after we have our on property training session with the local dog trainer it will get a bit easier.

Today after our regular library trip we moved all the young male rabbits to another cage and next week we’ll begin processing them and tanning the skins.

I debated selling some of the bunnies to recoup some of our costs but decided as we had always planned to breed for meat that there was no sense in waiting and we will be better off doing these boys as fryers for the freezer.
We still have one little doe we are keeping that the kids have become attached to and I have plans to use in my Angora program as she has fluffier fur than the rest.

Our Black Doe is hopefully pregnant and should give us some interesting skins if all goes to plan. I’m not yet sure what we will so with these skins maybe a luxuriously soft bedspread when we have enough.

In the garden we have moved the baby tomatoes to the outdoor cold frame from inside and started the next batch of seeds in the heat propagator. This will be ongoing until it warms up as in Tasmania we have such a short growing season that I’ve found this system really gives us a head start on the garden.

Dane’s been busy in the old pig yard building walls for garden beds. We’ll be moving some top soil over soon and spreading clover and green manure seed then moving the garlic seedlings , planting potatoes , veg and flowers for the bees but fruits and tomatoes will stay in the protective netted orchard to protect the fruits from the birds. We might plant a couple of sacrificial tomatoes just to see how they go with a scarecrow but I don’t want to risk the whole crop.

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