Spring is here

Spring has arrived and did it arrive quick. Life with three children is so busy that I scarcely have time to mark the days on the calendar up.

Now we know we’ll be here a long while (possibly forever squeee!) We’ve got new energy that we are putting back into the land.

Since the pigs have gone we’ve had a big sausage making day and boy is it fun to make sausages. We ended up freezing a lot of the pork but I’m getting a forequarter out today to defrost and make into mince and salami.

Dane’s been working hard converting the old pig yard into garden digging up stones from around the property and hauling them in the wheelbarrow to build into rows.

We’ve planted out the first little garden bed with flowers for the bees and will next be transplanting the garlics to finish off growing.

I’ve been going a little crazy growing seeds. Every no seed in my store cupboard is safe and I plan to germinate them all!

My process is to start them in a little electric heated greenhouse before on potting them to the cold frame. I do this because we have such a short growing season in Tasmania that I find the heated greenhouse allows me a great head start on the season.

We continue to chat about plans for dairy goats and building a business from here. We’ve got a few ideas but are keeping our cards close to our chest for now!

That’s all for today its gorgeous sunny weather put there and I don’t want to miss out!!

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