Home learning 

I’ve added this section of the blog to record our homeschool activities and learning foe inspection time and our own personal records. We have decided in October to register little miss HGF who is now 5 to homeschool. It’s taken us 2 years to come to the decision and in that time we’ve researched many styles and just done learning at home the way we always have. LMHGF has always been ahead of where she needs to be developmentally so we are confident in our abilities. Of course there are doubts but I don’t think we’d be very good role models if we didn’t question our choices and make changes when needed. 

We are very lucky where we live to have a strong community of home schoolers of similar ages to our own children so there are lots of activities and options for social events. 

We’ve decided not to stick to one curriculum or wayvof learning it doesn’t suit our methods of teaching or more importantly our children’s way of learning. We like the philosophy behind a range of homeschooling methods. Unschooling, Waldorf and Charlotte Mason are all great influences. 

I look forward to sharing our snippets, goals and achievements and looking back on them!