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I had a restless sleep last night with Little Miss HGF has creeping into our bed  and with 4 in the bed it’s a little squishy.
We already co sleep with Little B so I’ve been rethinking our sleeping arrangements. I feel mean leaving LMHGF alone in a big cold room while we all share in the other and she must wonder why she doesn’t get to join us. Sometimes I forget how little they still are so I’ll be weighing up some options for sleeping arrangements.

Today’s chores went by easily I prepped the frozen chook bones to replenish our stock supplies, got the animals done, watered the garden and hung out the washing.
The washing chore got me thinking about pegs. Pegs are something that have driven us crazy as having young children and cloth nappies means we wash a lot.
I’ve gone through cheap pegs, wooden pegs, expensive plastic pegs and I get so frustrated when they inevitably break and litter the ground with bits of plastic and metal. It’s such a waste and I since becoming more aware of my environmental footprint and loving frugally I’ve been investigating other peg options.
I remembered seeing a advertisement in a grassroots magazine ages ago for long living metal pegs. At the time I thought they sounded great but didn’t look into them again until the final piece of plastic crap crumbled to the ground. So I trawled through our magazine collection but could not find the ad. Eventually my Googling of ‘stainless steel pegs’ ‘metal pets’ and  ‘reusable peg’ had a hit and I found the same wire pegs I’d seen in grass roots mag.


So I ordered them and have been using them a few months now they are made from twisted stainless steel,hold up really well and are super strong. We just got the lowest grade at the cheapest option but I’ll definitely be buying more. I’d like to bring more ‘buy once’ products into our life as the cheaper items die. There’s definitely wisdom in our great grandparents and grandparents generation to save and buy the best quality rather than getting a lot of cheap shite!

  (You can find wire pegs at


Homemade washing Liquid (Borax free!!)

For a few years now I’ve been making my own laundry soap. I decided to start doing this when N was born as we were using Cloth nappies and often commercial brands cause a lot of build up in the nappies and well I like to know what I’m putting next to my families most sensitive areas. I’ve been experimenting with the recipes and originally I was making powder but was finding we went through it very quickly and I had to make a batch every month so I switched to liquid and now I think I’ve finally mastered it enough to share.

I really enjoy making my own products it’s so satisfying to know exactly what ingredients are in the product I’m using.


Now this recipe costs me about 10c per wash and we use half a cup per full load last time I made it I got 8 litres of liquid and it lasts us about 6 months and that’s doing a 7kg load of washing a day. It’s a big saving and I feel safe in the knowledge we aren’t putting harsh chemicals into the septic or our skin.

Hunter Gathers Homemade Laundry Liquid

1 Bar Grated Laundry Soap (DO NOT cut corners and try to microwave soap bar)

1 Cup Washing Soda

1/4 C Epsom salts

1 & 1/2 Litres of water (Plus extra to make up to 10 litres or the size of your big pot)

 Essential oil (Optional but I use Tea Tree or Lavender)

  1. In a large Sauce pan stir in soap, washing soda and 1 & 1/2 litres water over medium heat until dissolved
  2. Add the extra litres of cold water stir add Epsom salts and a tsp of your chosen oil
  3. Funnel into bottles

That’s it! It’s so easy!!