Mid Winter Update

We have made it to Mid Winter in Tasmania. I’ll admit recently I cheated a little when in Early July the children and I went to NSW for a week to visit family. It really was a summer holiday in comparison to home but I wouldn’t want to deal with the hot sticky summers that are getting hotter every year.

It was good to see family but I was glad to be home. We still haven’t quite settled back into a routine as not long after returning home we all went up to Northern Tasmania on a short family road trip. We booked a pet sitter to come feed and check on the pets, got packed and hit the road!

Well the drive up wasn’t so bad the kids didn’t fight much and we stopped in Ross which is a lovely little historic town that is quiet and full of big stone heritage buildings. It has a bakery that resembles kikis bakery from the studio ghibli animated film Kikis delivery service. Unfortunately this was under renovation much to the childrens dissapointment but we did enjoy going into the  Tasmanian wool centre and buying some dyed wool tops ready to spin, some wool dye and some knitting needles for little miss Hunter Gatherer. You can look at the wonders of the wool center online here

I was inspired by my visit to research what sheep I would have if I was ever to get one for fiber and I have settled on English Leicester. We are limited by heritage breeds in Australia and even more so on our little island Tasmania and the English Leicester seems to tick a lot of boxes for a hand spinner as well as being available in Tasmania and completely adorable with their long flowing locks.

After Ross we headed to Evandale to stay with my Aunt and Uncle who have a airbnb and had some family time. Evandale is a sweet town just outside of Launceston. It’s very much a chocolate box town with lots of beautiful houses, heritage pubs, a penny farthing festival (yes really) and one of my favorite markets in Tasmania.

The following morning we headed off early to Scottsdale to visit a friends farm and see if we might like to live there one day to share farm. We are completely taken by the farm and area and I wish I had taken some photos to share with you but there was so much to take in as well as wrangling two tired little people. If you would like to see photos you can see their blog here . I liked Scottsdale it has everything you would need in a town and Launceston only 1 hour away. It’s hard to think of leaving the Huon Valley where we have quickly made a lot of friends but with the reality of little full time work or a chance of getting a mortgage to buy our own farm here not to mention fast growing property prices we feel the pull towards a chance to build a farm for ourselves and our children.

After our tour of the farm we went for lunch at the local bakery that had delicious pastries and from there went for a play in the local park that had a wetland habitat and rainforest walk that was just like a fairy garden. We took our friend back to the farm and she sent us on our way with a big bag of merino fleece for me to play with as well as some of her own honey.

I will touch more on how we came across this opportunity in another post but for now I’ll say goodbye until my next post where I will include a recipe and book review 🙂



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Travelling Tasmania!


We have just returned from a wonderful 14 day adventure in Tasmania. This was our first holiday since having kids so we were very excited and a little terrified! Our purpose for the holiday was not only to explore but to see if it was somewhere we would like to live.

We left our animals in the care of our lovely house sitters who we found on they were absolutely wonderful and should we ever go away again I will certainly be using this website again.

Day 1

We flew into Launceston airport in the evening and picked up our hire car to drive the short distance to my Aunties house in Evandale. Yvonne runs a Airbnb stay and I must say she really goes above and beyond for her guests and I highly recommend staying there if you are going to Launceston you can book through this link

Evandale is a charming town it really reminds me of a English village and they have a really wonderful Market on Sunday where you can find just about anything.


This morning we woke up we took a peaceful stroll around the village and felt very at home. This was the first place we thought we could live in Tasmania and having family close by certainly was a plus. The pub here had chickens and turkeys freeranging so this may have helped sway us a little!!

After our stroll we got a coffee in the local Bakery cafe this is a magnificent historic building and the food is excellent but a little bit pricey.

After our coffee we bid goodbye to Yvonne and Lou and made the drive to Freycinet where we were booked for 1 night. We stopped in Campbelltown to get picnic supplies and explore the opshop. The opshop was a hipster paradise with so many 80s sweat tops in fun fabrics but I held back from buying anything.

We continued on to our accommodation in Freycinyet another airbnb which was close to the national park but not very flashy think cheap motels. We didn’t really plan this park of the trip well thinking we could fit in a few walks in the afternoon but after heading into the park we realized we would be better to just head to a beach and come back another time. To really enjoy this area you need at least 3 days stay and as we only had one night and tired bubs it wasn’t worth heading in. Still the beach was lovely (and cold!)


Day 3 -8

On to Hobart where we had booked 5 nights in another Airbnb apartment This accommodation was wonderful our host really looked after us baking cakes , hiring movies for the kids and we were a stones throw away from the city and great restaurants.

On the way to Hobart we stopped at Richmond which was a lovely little town with lots of convict built buildings. There is a maze here for the kids $10 entry per adult and child over 4 and also a small zoo (which we didn’t go to)

Our first day in Hobart we went to the famous Salamanca markets. We had already been told locals call it Salawanker and I can see why it didn’t have much handmade or local produce and because rent is so high so are prices so I was quite underwhelmed. After this we went to MONA which was fabulous but not really suited to a 3 year old some of the artworks were a bit intense and we couldn’t really spend as much time as we would have liked in there plus with a price tag of $25 entry pp to only spend 1 hour is a shame. Miss N much preffered the guinea fowl and chickens running around the grounds and we wished we had brought a picnic to enjoy.

Sunday we went to the Cygnet market in the Huon Valley where I purchased the most delicious Plum sweet chilli sauce and here I fell in love with Tasmania. We already thought we might want to live in the area through research and visiting confirmed this. Everyone was so lovely the area is magnificent and there were so many young families on similar paths to ourselves.

Monday we had a rest day for the kids who were both sick so we enjoyed a day in with our beautiful local produce and movies.

Tuesday we walked into the city and went to the Museum which was great for the kids afterwards we hot fish and chips on the wharf then walked around the streets exploring Hobart city.


We were sad to leave Hobart and our host Yvette who had made us feel so at home but I have no doubt we will have plenty more time in life to get to know this city.

Day 8-9

We were headed to Strahan but changed at the last minute to go to Deloraine where we had heard was another nice town that might be suitable for us to live. It was lovely and everyone was so friendly I wish we had more time there to enjoy it.

Days 9-12


Off to our Cabin in the woods at Cradle mountain but first a stop at Tasmazia a created village full of mazes and the biggest hedge maze I’ve ever seen we really did get lost in it and N had a ball.


 This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. We stayed at the cradle mountain wilderness village in a 2 bed cabin with kitchen so we were able to cook all our meals. We had stocked up in Deloraine as there is not much at cradle mountain and what is here is super expensive. Our cabin had a resident wallaby and we got up close to a wombat.


Our first day here we did LOTS of walk 2 short ones and then the 2 hour Dove lake circuit. I’m glad we did it all in one day though as the next day was raining so D went out on his own to do the summit walk.


Days 12-14

Back to Evandale and to explore Launceston.

Yvonne and Lou treated us to a delicious meal at the city park where there is a great toddler playground and resident Monkeys. The park has a long history of hosting animals for viewing but now just has the family of monkeys who are free to view. I had mixed feelings seeing them as I always do viewing captive animals.

The following day we did some walks around cataract gorge and said hello to the peacocks then went to look in the city center. It had a bit of a low vibe going on and reminded me a bit of Glasgow there seemed to be a lot of incredibly wealthy people and a lot of very disadvantaged people. We discovered a lovely second hand bookshop and purchased our only souvenirs from the trip ( we had eaten all the others already!).

Back home and I don’t know why people keep saying Tasmania is so cold it’s MUCH colder in Oberon. It had been snowing and we were worried the roads would be closed but we made it just in time for the biggest snow dump in 40 years!!


I do feel lucky to live in a place this happens but the animals were less than impressed.


The quails even had a little igloo.


Miss N is so happy to be home she missed the animals dearly often milking her imaginary cow while we were away.


Now we are settling back into life and routines and tackling the ever growing list of jobs.